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10 Ghost Detector Applications That Are Suitable For Testing Your Guts

10 Ghost Detector Applications That Are Suitable For Testing Your Guts – 10 Ghost Detector Applications That Are Suitable For Testing Your Guts. Have enough guts to feel the presence of ghosts or spirits around you? Try using the following ghost detector apps. Armed with this software, now you too can become an ‘indigo’.

The claim is that this line of applications is capable of detecting, hearing voices, and even seeing ghosts. In fact, it’s not impossible for those of you who haven’t had the ability to sense the presence of spirits.

1. Ghost Detector Pro

Want to have a momentary experience as a psychic? Ghost Detector Pro could be the first application that you should try. This app moves by detecting emmusion signals.

Once turned on, the app will start scanning your surroundings. If spirits are detected around you, this application will display a green dot as a sign.

2. Ghost Sonar Free

This application must accompany you when you are visiting a spooky place. With the ability to detect ghost frequencies, it’s guaranteed to make you nervous because it’s claimed to be able to detect invisible creatures.

The way it works is similar to the previous application. All in One Ghost Hunter will give you notifications showing signs of other ‘creatures’ around you.

3. Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

Not enough signals and notifications? Try raising the horror level by using the Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector. As the name implies, this application is claimed to be able to help you find where the ghost is.

The app also features spiritual statistics showing the ghost’s emotional state, zodiac sign, and so on. The makers say that Ghostcom is a fun party favor, no wonder the software has such high ratings.

4. GhostTube SLS

Utilizing the sophistication of smartphone technology, GhostTube SLS is claimed to be able to detect humanoid bodies, aka spirits. This software works by activating infrared signals to detect ghosts around you.

Just activate the app whenever you feel nervous when you are somewhere. Aim the camera and get ready to find sightings that may be unexpected.

5. Ghost Hunting Tools

The next ghost detection application is Ghost Hunting Tools which is available on iOS and Android. An EMF reader aka electromagnetic field, this app detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. It also includes an EVP recorder, which captures the phenomenon of electronic voice.

With this function, this application makes your cellphone look like a ghost hunter device in movies. This software also has 1000 dictionaries to interpret the ghost vocabulary that you meet. While most say it’s for fun, a 2021 review points to a 100 percent real claim.

6.Spirit Board

Remember the Ouija board with its controversial horror board? Well, the Spirit Board application also uses a similar concept with more sophisticated technology. This software allows you to chat with ghosts using text.

To do this, just enter a question. If the spirits respond to your question, the planchette will move to indicate their answer. Not cans, this application has received 4 stars with more than 30 thousand reviews on the Apps Store.

7. Paranormal EMF Recorder

Unlike some other applications that visually display the presence of ghosts, the EMF Recorder application will play a sound. This application will become your ‘ear’ and record sounds that might indicate spirits.

This application is claimed to be very helpful in detecting audio with very low strength that is not audible to the human ear. The audio is converted so you can hear it more clearly.

8. Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

In an interview by Vice 2018, Kim Johnston revealed, Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder as an application that really tests your guts. Johnston, a paranormal researcher from Birmingham, Alabama, revealed the reason because the application was made by real researchers, not just for fun.

According to Bustle, the app is one of the most accurate and veteran-approved ghost hunting trackers out there. Dare to try it?

9. Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Be careful, this app can be very scary for anyone who is curious about ghosts. To use it, just walk around the neighborhood where you think ‘people are there’. Then, point your phone confidently at suspicious corners.

If you think you have met a spirit, use an application to ask them. I don’t know his experience until his journey to becoming a ghost. Pretty spooky, right?

10. Deadbox

Finally, there is the Dead Box ghost detection app. This app turns your phone into a dictionary to interpret communication with the astral beings around you. Reported by the official explanation on the Play Store, this application works using white noise analysis.

Later, you can find out that there is an invisible form. This app also helps you chat with them. Are you sure?

Well, believe it or not, it’s up to each individual. However, one thing is clear, the ghost detection application above can be used for fun. Just be prepared if you find invisible creatures playing along.

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