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5 Features of DuckDuckGo Browser and Privacy Shield Search Engine

5 Features of DuckDuckGo Browser and Privacy Shield Search Engine – 5 Features of DuckDuckGo Browser and Privacy Shield Search Engine. You know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, a search engine called DuckDuckGo has managed to attract the attention of many internet users, some even call it a rival search engine to Google.

If conventional search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo generally store and share user personal data, then DuckDuckGo claims the opposite. Instead, they are committed to maintaining the privacy of users.

1. Overview of DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was first founded by Gabriel Weinberg, an entrepreneur who started this project in a basement using personal funds. Now, he holds the position of CEO alias main director of DuckDuckGo.

Initially, DuckDuckGo was created as a search engine to compete with Google. The developer is committed to maintaining user privacy by not recording and disseminating private information.

For those who don’t know, search engines like Google often collect private user information. Even though the data is claimed to be used to improve service quality, the risk of information misuse still exists.

As an alternative, comes DuckDuckGo. Over time, DuckDuckGo is now available as a browser extension as well as a browser app for mobile devices. Curious about how it works? Take a look at the five superior features of the following DuckDuckGo browser, come on!

2. Search Engines

As a web browser that originates from a search engine, of course the DuckDuckGo application is equipped with a search engine feature. Interestingly, this search engine uses an algorithm to display relevant search results.

This is different from other search engines such as Google which rely on third party data. So you can have more control over the information you are looking for because search results are not biased because they are not personalized based on personal information.

3. Global Privacy Control

As the name implies, this feature makes it easy to configure the privacy of every site you visit. This feature is specifically designed to “force” websites not to record the privacy of visiting users.

By activating this feature, you can limit what data websites can see and what they can do with that data so that your privacy while surfing is more secure.

4. Cookie Pop-Up Manager

Cookies (cookies) is a term for a collection of information containing track records and activities when you browse a website. Of course, you often experience pop-ups asking to set cookies or accept the default cookie settings for a web.

With the Cookie Pop-Up Manager feature, you can configure cookies that run in the background when visiting a site. At the same time, you can also avoid annoying pop-ups. Easy, right?

5. Privacy Search

You certainly know that every browser generally has a private mode, for example Incognito mode on Google Chrome or Private Browsing on Mozilla Firefox. However, it turns out that user information and data can still be tracked even though it is claimed to have been private.

The reason is, Incognito mode is only able to delete data from browsing sessions, such as history and cookies. Meanwhile, DuckDuckGo is completely safe and anonymous because it does not track user online activity, record cookies, personal information, and IP.

6. Email protection

Did you know that email trackers, aka email trackers, can track your location, when you open your email, and the device you use? As a solution, DuckDuckGo launched an Email Protection feature to ensure email privacy.

This feature can detect and delete trackers embedded in emails. Even though it’s still in the Beta stage, you can access it publicly and for free via the configuration menu in the DuckDuckGo browser application.

Apart from the five features above, there are actually many other excellent features from DuckDuckgo. In fact, recently DuckDuckGo just released a desktop-only browser app in Beta which is newly available for Mac. Interested in trying this one search engine application?

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