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6 Habits that Cause HP Batteries to Damage Quickly

6 Habits that Cause HP Batteries to Damage Quickly – 6 Habits that Cause HP Batteries to Damage Quickly. Have you ever experienced a cell phone battery that suddenly runs out even though you’re not using it? This could be a sign that the HP battery is having problems. Maybe there are habits that you don’t realize cause your cellphone’s battery to run out quickly.

If left unchecked, this can affect the quality and performance of your cellphone when used. Don’t let this continue to happen even after you replace a new HP battery. So it’s mandatory for you to know the six habits that cause HP batteries to fail quickly, as follows.

1. Using HP continuously without pause

For those of you who often use cellphones continuously without pause, it seems like you have to stop this habit. Unknowingly using a cell phone non-stop will cause the cellphone to overheat or overheat. Of course this has an effect and causes the HP battery to damage quickly.

To avoid this, try at night or one hour before going to bed not to use your cell phone. Indirectly you also give pause to the use of HP so that the temperature is not always hot, especially after you use it all day.

2. Letting the HP battery run down to 0 percent

The next cause of the HP battery being damaged quickly is letting the HP battery run down to 0 percent. Maybe if you do it once in a while it’s fine. If it’s too often, this will potentially cause the HP battery to damage quickly. So you better have to charge the battery before your cellphone dies.

Reported by the page, it is recommended to maintain the battery above 30% or more or let it run out occasionally to calibrate the sensor. So your battery will stay healthy as long as possible.

3. Placing HP carelessly in temperatures that are too hot or too cold

It’s not just HP usage, here. The place and temperature where you put your cellphone is also one of the causes of your cellphone’s battery being damaged quickly. Reported by The New York Times page, that heat is another factor that has a negative impact on battery life.

According to Battery University, a battery science information repository maintained by battery testing company Cadex, heat is the battery’s worst enemy. Lithium-ion performs well at high temperatures but prolonged exposure to heat reduces battery longevity.

Likewise, lower temperatures also affect battery life significantly. Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions, told USA Today that lithium-ion batteries stop conducting electricity in very cold weather. He mentioned continuous exposure to cold weather could permanently damage the battery. A good solution is to keep the phone close to you, so that the body temperature remains warm, quoted from the Android Authority page.

4. Charging the battery for a long time

Most people charge their cellphones while sleeping so that the cellphone battery is full the next day. But in the long term this habit can affect the quality of the battery or the term is overcharged.

Even though there are currently many smartphones that have released the latest mode with software that will automatically stop when the battery is fully charged. But it’s better to keep removing the charger when your cellphone battery is full, OK!

5. Using a charger that does not match the cellphone

Are you a person who often uses different chargers or chargers for your cellphone? After using a charger with different specifications, it can indeed fully charge your battery.

But if this is done too often, it will affect the quality of the HP battery. This is caused by the specifications of your charger and cellphone that do not match.

6. Using a cell phone while charging

One of the habits that causes cellphone batteries to damage quickly is using them while they are charging. This can cause problems because the temperature of the cellphone battery will get hotter and it will also take you longer to charge it.

So try to refrain from using your cellphone while it’s charging, let alone playing games.

Now you know what habits cause HP batteries to quickly fail. So that this doesn’t happen repeatedly, stop this habit immediately so that the quality of your cellphone battery is maintained and lasts for use.

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