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7 Characters of This Game Are Very Dangerous

7 Characters of This Game Are Very Dangerous – 7 Characters of This Game Are Very Dangerous. An interesting game usually has “strong” characters such as brave, annoying, even psychopathic. Speaking of psychopaths, there are several games where the characters often do acts beyond reason. Here are 7 game characters whose behavior is unpredictable. Stay tuned!

1. Trevor Phillips (GTA V)

Rockstar Games always makes memorable characters in every game. In GTA V, a very strong character is found in Trevor Philips.

He is one of the three main characters of GTA V. If someone refuses his wishes or “disturbs” his life, he will not hesitate to beat that person up.

2. Joker (Batman Arkham)

The Joker is a psychopathic character who becomes Batman’s nemesis on all platforms, be it comics, movies or in games. He became the cause of all the chaos that occurred in the city. It’s horrifying to think of Batman failing to stop this mentally ill criminal.

3. Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

There is a saying don’t judge people by their cover. However, that doesn’t apply when you first meet Vaas Montenegro. Since the first time you saw this Far Cry 3 villain, you must have thought something was wrong with this person.

It turned out to be true, Vaas had a psychiatric disorder. Apart from that, coupled with the abundance of cannabis fields, he is free to consume these illegal drugs. His mood is also very easy to change.

4. Needles Kane (Twisted Metal)

For some reason, from the beginning until now the character of the clown has always been associated with criminals, psychopaths and serial killers. If you’ve ever played Twisted Metal, you must be familiar with this character.

Sweet Tooth, which is an iconic ice cream van, is driven by a psychopath, Needles Kane. This red-haired clown with fire even brutally slaughtered his wife and son. Luckily his daughter managed to escape even though her eye was injured.

5. Richard Felton (Remothered: Tormented Fathers)

Richard Felton is a psychopathic grandfather who becomes the villain in the game Remothered: Tormented Fathers. He experienced a deep trauma as a child because he was continuously injected with testosterone to become a man (he used to be a woman).

Finally, he also had a mental breakdown. He even kept his wife’s decomposing corpse with him.

6. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

Again, the character of the clown is described as a psychopath. This Final Fantasy Villain has a distinctive giggle like the Joker. This witch clown is also notorious and lacks any sympathy or empathy. Its only aim is to bring misery and destruction.

7. Alfred Ashford (Resident Evil: Code Veronica)

Most psychopaths and psychiatric disorders occur because they have experienced a traumatic event. Alfred Ashford was also like that. He really admires the figure of his sister, Alexia Ashford. However, when his older brother died, he lost half of his life and began to exhibit insane behavior. Missing her brother so much, she even once wore Alexia’s clothes.

Those are 7 game characters with psychiatric disorders. Some of them happened because they had experienced traumatic events, some because they had psychopathic souls. Don’t imitate their behavior in real life!

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