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7 Games Set in Alternate Versions of Real World Locations

7 Games Set in Alternate Versions of Real World Locations – 7 Games Set in Alternate Versions of Real World Locations. Apart from creating an original or entirely new world, some games adopt the world in the real world and then modify it in such a way as to make it look different or more interesting. Such games are generally open-world games that seek to give gamers the opportunity to explore places they have never been or want to visit, but virtually with a completely the same or perhaps slightly different look.

Here are 7 games set in alternate versions of real-world regions.

1. Grand Theft Auto V – Los Santos/Los Angeles

Several games in the Grand Theft Auto series including GTA V use Los Santos as the main location. Los Santos itself is based on the city of Los Angeles in California, where the similarities between the two are stark. Some areas even have similar names such as Vinewood Hills which is based on the Hollywood Hills and Morningwood which is inspired by Westwood. While heavily inspired, Los Santos isn’t 100% alike so it’s worth exploring for those who have been to Los Angeles or not.

2. Yakuza Series – Kamurocho/Kabukicho

Most of the games in the Yakuza series are set in a fictional district called Kamurocho which incidentally is an area that offers various types of entertainment. Kamurocho itself is based on Kabukicho which is located in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Like Kamurocho, Kabukicho also has many entertainment venues, especially those with adult themes. The reason for choosing Kabukicho as Kamuracho’s inspiration may be the fact that the yakuza once inhabited the Kabukicho area.

3. Bloodborne – Yharnam/Praha

Bloodborne is set in an ancient city called Yharnam which incidentally is a fictional city. Even so, Yharnam is not entirely fictional because it is inspired by Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic. It can be seen that the Gothic architecture that is spread in every corner of the city of Prague really inspired Yharnam. Plus, Prague has popular tourist spots like the Astronomical Clock which is similar to the Astral Clocktower in Bloodborne. The large bridge in the center of Yharnam is also inspired by the Charles Bridge in Prague.

4. Final Fantasy XV – Altissia/Venice

Final Fantasy XV may not be a game for all fans of the Final Fantasy series, but this 2016 game has beautiful scenery in each of its regions, including Altissia. If you know the city of Venice in Italy, then you can easily see the similarities between Altissia and Venice. One of the things that makes Altissia so similar to Venice is the fact that the fictional city has a gondola. If you are interested in exploring Venice but don’t have the time or money for it, Altissia could be an attractive alternative.

5. Far Cry 5 – Hope County/Montana

The Far Cry series is known for presenting fictional locations inspired by real-world locations and Far Cry 5 is no exception. Far Cry 5 is set in the city of Hope County, located in Montana, United States. While Montana is native territory, Hope County is not. Even so, Ubisoft as the developer continues to recreate certain areas in Montana for Far Cry 5, such as the cattle ranch area in Greenough and the Lutheran church in Melville.

6. Life is Strange – Arcadia Bay/Tillamook Bay

Life is Strange is set in Arcadia Bay, which so clearly doesn’t exist in the real world. But like Hope County, Arcadia Bay is located in the original state of the United States, Oregon. Several places in Oregon also inspired Arcadia Bay. To be clear, Arcadia Bay “borrows” a number of aspects from Tillamook Bay in Oregon, such as the port and railroad. Not only that, Cedar Ave is also in Tillamook, where the location is the location where the main character – Chloe, lives.

7. Batman Arkham Series – Gotham City/New York City

Technically, there is no city or place called Gotham City in the real world, but “Gotham” is one of the old nicknames for the city of New York that inspired the creator of Batman – Bill Finger when creating the fictional city. While there is much debate about Gotham’s main inspiration, there’s no denying that Gotham draws a lot of inspiration from New York City. Just like New York, which is nicknamed the city that never sleeps, Gotham also seems to never sleep because of its high crime rate.

Those were the reviews about several games set in alternative versions of real-world locations. Is there your favorite game on the list above?

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