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7 Games whose Presence is Banned in Several Countries

7 Games whose Presence is Banned in Several Countries – 7 Games whose Presence is Banned in Several Countries. Even though there are several games that have caused controversy or received high ratings, most of them are still allowed to be marketed, alias they are not banned in countries like the United States. But out there, there are quite a number of countries in different parts of the world that are much stricter when it comes to gaming. Some games are even banned or prohibited in a number of these countries, aka gamers cannot buy the game legally.

While most were banned for reasons of violence, quite a few were banned for surprising reasons. Here are some of them!

1. Bullies

Bully is a game developed by Rockstar Games which was released in 2006. This game is set in a boarding school where gamers play the role of a student named Jimmy who causes chaos and commotion in the school environment. Bully is banned in Brazil because of the mischief it depicts. According to local officials, the fact that the game is set in a school setting may encourage bad behavior among young people, especially students.

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a battle-royale game where gamers compete against dozens of players to be the last and win. This game became one of the battle-royale games in recent years but unfortunately, the mobile version of this game is banned in India and Nepal. Interestingly, previously banned, PUBG Mobile was once one of the most played games in India. The ban was implemented after the theme of violence carried by PUBG Mobile was considered to be able to trigger violence among young gamers.

3. Heavy Rain

There are quite a number of games banned in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates although some of them can still be found and purchased illegally. One popular game banned in both countries is Heavy Rain, an interactive drama game in which the story unfolds according to the choices the player makes throughout the game. Adult themes and visuals that contain violence are the two reasons why this Quantic Dream game was banned.

4. Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 is a zombie game where players play the role of a man named Chuck Greene who only has 72 hours to save his daughter. Due to its violent elements, this game which was released in 2010 was banned in a number of countries such as Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Dead Rising 2 itself carries the gameplay of killing hundreds to thousands of zombies in the mall, using a variety of unique and creative weapons.

5. State of Decay

Australia is known as a country that often bans games for reasons of violence. Even if it’s not banned, games with violent elements generally get massive censorship to remove aspects like blood and the like. One of the games that was banned in Australia was State of Decay, which was banned not only because it contained violence but also because it involved drugs as one of the prizes in several of its missions. Shortly after being banned, State of Decay was finally allowed in the Kangaroo country.

6. The Sims 4

Next is a game that not many people thought would get a distribution ban, namely The Sims 4. Uzbekistan became a country that banned The Sims 4, where the local government said that the game released in 2014 was included in games that were considered to spread violence, pornography and threaten security and social and political stability of Uzbekistan. Apart from The Sims 4, a similar ban was also obtained by its predecessor, namely The Sims 3.

7. Pokémon GO

Even though Pokemon GO quickly became a hit shortly after its release, the game developed by Niantic still reaps a lot of controversy. Most of them are related to gamers who are not careful when catching Pokemon, with some of them ending up dying. Pokemon GO was then banned in several countries, one of which was Iran, where the local government said that the developer failed to obtain a permit. Apart from Iran, Pokemon GO was also banned in Malaysia before it was finally allowed.

That was a review of several games whose presence is banned in a number of countries. Of the 7 games above, is there your favorite game?

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