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7 Horrible Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch

7 Horrible Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch – 7 Horrible Zombie Games on Nintendo Switch. The zombie theme will always be popular in the entertainment media industry including video games, where the idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic world being overrun by the living dead is very appealing. Therefore, do not be surprised if now, there are a myriad of amazing games that carry the zombie theme as the main selling point. Some of them are even available on consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Curious about anything? Here’s the list.

1. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Plants vs. Zombies was first released back in 2009 and since then, the tower defense game has continued to grow and is now even available on the Nintendo Switch. The premise of the original game is quite simple where players use plants to survive zombie attacks. Plants vs. Zombies have become more complex since then with Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville allows players to explore the surroundings and defeat zombies.

2. Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil is a popular horror game series that has many games. On the Nintendo Switch, players can find several of them, both digital download and cloud versions. The first game, Resident Evil, which was released in 1996, is often seen as one of the games that revived the zombie theme, not only in games, but also in movies and other entertainment media. For those who are looking for a horror game where players can kill as many zombies as possible, then Resident Evil is the answer.

3. Dying Light

Dying Light is a zombie survival game where players take on the role of an undercover GRE agent named Kyle Crane. The world that belongs to this game is very brutal and is filled with deadly zombies that are ready to kill the player if the player is off guard. As an open-world game, Dying Light allows players to explore the city. With the day and night system, the level of danger of this game can change and therefore, players need to sharpen their survival skills.

4. Zombie Army Trilogy

Next up is the Zombie Army Trilogy which is perfect for those interested in both world history and zombies. In the game, players are invited to follow three stories full of zombies set in the World War II era. More precisely, this game invites players to fight Hitler’s army of undead. That means, the player’s main target is the Nazi army zombies. Besides being able to be played alone, Zombie Army Trilogy is also fun to play with friends in online mode.

5. World War Z

World War Z is a zombie game released in 2019 which was adapted from a novel with the same title. The novel was adapted into film in 2013, but the story is different from the game. In this game, players can choose one of the seven character classes provided and fight against zombies in various cities around the world. For those who have seen the film, the game has a number of moments inspired by iconic moments from the film.

6. The Walking Dead Series

The Walking Dead is one of the popular TV series which incidentally is an adaptation of a visual novel. Because of its popularity, Telltale Games presented The Walking Dead in the form of a game with the same title. On Nintendo Switch, players can find several games that follow the story of the main protagonist, Clementine. Unlike most of the zombie games on this list, The Walking Dead will confront players with a number of difficult choices that can impact their surroundings.

7. Zombie Night Terrors

Zombie Night Terror is a zombie game with 8-bit visuals where players take control of a horde of zombies. Instead of defeating zombies, in this game, players have a mission to spread a zombie plague and take over the world. Even though the visual style that is carried is very simple, Zombie Night Terror can still look terrible in its own way. To keep players busy, this game has dozens of missions that are not only interesting but also challenging.

Those were the reviews and recommendations for some scary zombie games to play on the Nintendo Switch. Feeling challenged to play the zombie games above?

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