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7 Reasons Windows Users Are Reluctant to Switch to Mac

7 Reasons Windows Users Are Reluctant to Switch to Mac – 7 Reasons Windows Users Are Reluctant to Switch to Mac. Many Windows users have switched to macOS because they feel that the operating system for Mac devices is better in many ways. On the other hand, many Windows users remain steadfast in their decision not to switch operating systems.

Whether it’s for productivity, gaming, or personal preference, Windows users have plenty of reasons not to switch to Mac devices. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most common reasons Windows users don’t want to switch to a Mac.

1. The Mac interface feels foreign

Mac does have a very different interface compared to Windows. For example, Windows has a taskbar at the bottom. Meanwhile, Macs have a menu bar at the top, with a Dock at the bottom of the screen showing pinned apps.

For people who are used to using devices with the Windows operating system, the Mac interface certainly feels very foreign and maybe not comfortable. Though, this is a subjective thing as it depends on personal preference.

2. Macs are quite expensive

Price is the obvious reason why people are reluctant to switch to macOS. Meanwhile, buying or assembling a Windows desktop PC is always cheaper than buying a Mac.

The same goes for laptops. It’s easy to find a Windows laptop with similar specifications that costs less than a MacBook.

It’s just that, at the moment, newer Macs use the M1 and M2 processors which are quite powerful and efficient. This processor can only be found in Mac devices, not with Windows.

3. Windows is more comfortable for gaming activities

Games have always been more popular on Windows, and Apple hasn’t paid much attention to the PC gaming industry. As a result, many popular games cannot be played on Mac. In fact, if a game is available on a Mac, it’s likely to run better on a Windows machine with similar specs.

Not only that. Modding is becoming a big part of PC gaming, and Windows offers support for mods in almost every game. Meanwhile, for closed platforms like macOS, installing mods and using them for games is something that is impossible to do.

4. Windows hardware is more flexible

Hardware options on Mac are very limited when compared to Windows. Also, on the newest MacBooks, it’s nearly impossible to replace the hardware inside.

Meanwhile, hardware in Windows can be changed and updated when you need it. You can install a new graphics card, add a hard drive, or replace faulty hardware. In fact, you can build your own PC with all the components that you customize yourself. That sort of thing is impossible on a Mac.

5. More input methods

Another area where Windows devices excel is in the input method. You can get a Windows laptop with a touchscreen, attach a gaming mouse with specially mapped buttons, or even use a stylus pen.

Computers and laptops with touchscreens and stylus pens are something Apple doesn’t have. If you want an Apple device that supports touch screens and a stylus pen, you have to settle for an iPad.

6. Windows device repair costs are cheaper

If something goes wrong, Windows devices are generally much cheaper to repair than Macs. In fact, you may even be able to repair and replace components yourself on a Windows machine. Even if not, there are plenty of technicians who can fix crashes on Windows devices.

7. Windows has more freeware

If you take a look at a software provider site, such as, you’ll see right away that there is far more freeware available for Windows than Mac. This means Windows users have a wider choice of paid and free software to use.

In essence, the thing that keeps Windows users sticking with this operating system is because it has better flexibility than Mac. Whatever it is, everyone has their own perspective. If you feel comfortable enough with the operating system you’re currently using, there’s no need to force yourself to switch to another.

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