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7 Scariest Horror Games with Main Female Characters That Give You Goosebumps

7 Scariest Horror Games with Main Female Characters That Give You Goosebumps – 7 Scariest Horror Games with Main Female Characters That Give You Goosebumps. Apart from the scary atmosphere and jump scares, part of what makes horror games interesting is the investment that the developers put into the main protagonist. Most players start to care about the character they are playing as the game progresses and as more backstories are revealed.

In recent years, the horror genre in games has presented many characters with various backgrounds, including women as the main protagonists. Here are 7 of the scariest horror games with female main characters.

1. Alice: Madness Returns

The stories of Alice In Wonderland are always weird and scary in their own way. However, one of the game adaptations – Alice: Madness Returns, increases the scary factor, adding bloody fights, stories about death and trauma, and an unsettling atmosphere.

In Madness Returns, Alice ‘returns’ to Wonderland to fight against her own past. One of the things that makes this game terrible is the fact that Spicy Horse, as the developer, has kept the essence of horror in both Wonderland and the real world.

2. Resident Evil 3 Remake

Remade in a more eye-pleasing package, Resident Evil 3 Remake returns to bring thrilling action and interesting characters to the Resident Evil series. In this entry, players take on the role of Jill Valentine, a tough female character who is strong enough, considering how much she can survive various dire situations.

Starting from the train crash, the T-Virus and the most extreme – Nemesis, Jill has been through a myriad of difficult times. Jill is a great character and leader, who can make players feel safe if she is in charge.

3. Alien Isolation

Unlike the film series where the audience only watches, Alien Isolation sends players into a more tense experience by being hunted directly by Xenomorphs. Amanda Ripley is the main protagonist, who must engage in many activities against Aliens, while exploring a damaged space station. When players feel safe, Isolation will continue to pummel players with more problems including other Aliens, until finally they wonder if they can actually get Ripley out safely.

4. Little Nightmare

Little Nightmares is probably the scariest horror game in the world, and the atmosphere this game brings falls into the disturbing category. The main character in this game is a girl named Six, who must be trapped on a ship full of horrible creatures with strange shapes.

Apart from having to escape from the clutches of these strange creatures, throughout the game, Six also has to survive by eating smaller creatures like Nome. Therefore, for someone who is in a dangerous scenario, Six can also be dangerous.

5. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is not just a psychological horror game. It’s a pretty emotional game that finds a way to represent certain aspects of mental illness in order to bring awareness about it to players.

Throughout the game, Senua as the main character will not only face his own demons, but various things that weigh on him such as the death of his mother and the violence he received from his father. This is a different horror game with an experience that cannot be found in many other games.

6. Fatal Frames

Almost all the games in the Fatal Frame series use women as the main protagonists. The game series, which in several European countries is called Project Zero, focuses on characters who are trapped in supernatural locations with a camera as their only ‘weapon’.

This is a very interesting concept in a horror game, especially through the fact that the first-person perspective will be used when the player uses the camera. Players can feel a deeper emotion of fear and a clearer picture when a ghost comes to them.

7. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence involves one of the scariest things humanity has ever faced: the Black Plague. If that’s not enough, the main character of this game, namely Amanda, must protect her younger brother – Hugo, when his master finds out that he has the ability to control rats that are considered to spread the plague.

Hordes of rats, deadly plagues and stealthy escapes from soldiers outline what players will find in this game. For those who are interested, this game is available on PS4, Xbox One and also PC.

Thus was the review of the list of the scariest horror games with female main characters. Do you have any recommendations for horror games with other female protagonists that you find terrifying? Mention in the comments column yes!

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