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8 Best Flash Drive Brands for Fast and Safe Data Transfers

8 Best Flash Drive Brands for Fast and Safe Data Transfers – 8 Best Flash Drive Brands for Fast and Safe Data Transfers. It cannot be denied, digital storage systems are increasingly sophisticated with the existence of cloud technology. However, its use which relies on the internet makes flash drives still the best alternative. Without having to rely on a network, this tool can be used even on a cellphone.

Before using it, make sure you have used products from the best flash brands. The quality offered provides better data security and long-term durability.

The best flash brand

Not sure which one to choose? Read the following recommendations to recognize the advantages of flash drives sold on the market.

Across the world of storage, these brands offer the best features in each of their products. The price given is even more worth it.

1. Toshiba

Starting with a brand from Japan which is not only famous in the field of flash drives, but also other electronic goods, such as laptops. Toshiba is also a leader in the field of digital document storage.

The design that is carried also looks minimalist. Upholding efficiency, you can add a hanger at the end of the flash drive so it’s easy to carry and not tucked away. With its advantages, don’t be surprised if flashdisk products are selling well in the market.

The latest Toshiba products also carry Bluetooth 3.0 technology which is claimed to be faster. One of its unique products is the Toshiba Mino 360 Duo Flash which has USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, as well as password protection software to protect data.

  • Toshiba flash drive price range: IDR 70-200 thousand

2. SanDisk

The next best flash brand is SanDisk. Of course not a few who use it. With a form that is quite mini and efficient without a cover, making this brand suitable for data storage.

The plus point of the SanDisk flash drive is the price which is quite skewed compared to other brands. However, the facilities offered remain competitive. For example, there are traditional ports up to the type C model which allows plugging in cellphones without a connector anymore.

One of its superior products is the SanDisk USB 3.0 Ultra Dual USB Drive OTG. As the name implies, this flash drive is equipped with OTG so it’s easy to connect to various devices. The transfer speed reaches 15 Mbps, with a capacity of 16 to 256 GB.

  • SanDisk flash drive price range: IDR 48-849 thousand


Kingston is suitable to be lined up as the longest-lasting flash drive brand. This is because the average storage device from this brand lasts a long time in terms of use. This point is a consideration why customers end up buying Kingston flash drives.

If others carry a minimalist concept, Kingston actually presents cheerful colors. Purple, red, and so on flash body. Not only physical appearance, Kingston has equipped its products with USB 3.0 which is faster in data transfer.

For those of you who frequently transfer data from various devices, there is also the microduo series which has two types of ports. There is also the Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB Drive which has a compact body with a claimed transfer speed of up to 100 Mbps. Wow!

  • Kingston flash drive price range: IDR 70-200 thousand

4. V-gen

If you often struggle with external memory, it seems familiar with the V-gen. Yup, successfully building customer trust in the field of memory chips, V-gen also launched its line of flash drives.

V-gen has brought USB 3.0 to the products being marketed. Furthermore, this manufacturer even offers a lifetime warranty on each of its products. Of course, you don’t have to worry a little if the flash disk suddenly experiences interference. Apart from the novelty of the version, V-gen also embeds the OTG system, which is a technology that allows flash drives to read data from various supported devices.

  • Price range for V-gen products: IDR 52-490 thousand

5. HP

Hewlett-Packard aka HP’s electronic brand completes user needs by releasing a line of flash drives. Become popular with its unique design. There are those in the form of ice cream, to those made of metal which are minimalist without taking up a lot of space.

Having been engaged in technology for 75 years, HP offers attractive offers on its products. Including transfer speeds of up to 129 Mbps on one of its products.

In addition, its straight beam-like shape allows you to make it a key chain. Small enough so be careful of getting tucked in and lost.

  • Price range for HP flash drives: IDR 43-600 thousand

6. Transcend

Even though the design is not as eye-catching as other brands, don’t underestimate Transcend. The reason is, some products from this brand actually have water-repellent technology. Getting splashed with water, getting caught in the rain, being submerged for a certain time is not a problem and your data is still safe.

The product material that is served also varies. There are from rubber, metal, to aluminum. You can choose according to the style and design that you think is really good.

Transcend has used USB 3.0 technology with more speed claims than its predecessor. Even so, Transcend products still support the transfer of digital documents with port 2.0, really.

  • Transcend flash disk price range: IDR 84-638 thousand


You are certainly no stranger to the Samsung brand, right? This product from a South Korean company shocked the world of technology. Starting from laptops, smartphones, power banks, to flash drives, everything is there.

Samsung flash drives use NAND technology, which is a storage chip with a claimed better performance. Some of their products use metal base materials that are water and dust resistant, even against X-rays.

The shape that is carried is quite minimalist with a typical neutral color. The capacity offered is quite large, up to 128 GB, suitable for accompanying daily activities.

  • Price range for Samsung flash drives: IDR 50-682 thousand

8. Vivian

Make no mistake, flash disk production is also carried out by domestic manufacturers. One of them that is famous for producing quality electronic goods, namely Vivan. The flash drive from Vivan also has a minimalist design with a large enough capacity.

Even though there aren’t too many choices, flashdisks from Vivan are quite competitive. You can find products with minimalist metal base materials or aluminum alloys which are claimed to be more heat resistant. There is a choice of double input types namely USB and type-c.

Cool again, claims the data transfer speed reaches 10 Gbps, much faster than other products. It is very suitable for those of you who need to work on an anti-slow sat set.

  • Vivan flash drive price range: IDR 68-483 thousand

Products from the brands above have also received many positive reviews from their customers. It’s no wonder that it is included in the ranks of the best flashdisk brands that are worth it to own.

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