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Anti Lag These are the 7 Lightest Browsers for Android

Anti Lag These are the 7 Lightest Browsers for Android – Anti Lag These are the 7 Lightest Browsers for Android. For those with older Android phones, popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge can easily interfere with overall performance. These browsers are superior browsers that consume more storage, performance and memory/RAM, so they can make older cellphones very slow.

Fortunately, there are other browser alternatives that are very lightweight, both in terms of size and performance consumption. Here’s the list.

1. Via Browser

One of Via Browser’s main selling points is simplicity. Because it has a size of only 2MB, this browser doesn’t have many advanced features or various customization options. Even so, this browser still allows users to change the style and background image on the homepage and change the browser logo. Apart from Incognito Mode, Via Browser also has a feature where browsing history will be automatically deleted after the user exits the application.

2. Orions

Orions is one of the best lightweight browser, formerly known as Monument Browser. This browser is light, safe and intuitive, because it is designed as perfectly as possible to provide the best experience in browsing the internet. As for features, Orions cannot be underestimated because this browser provides a number of features such as night mode, reading mode which will change fonts and support for listening to articles. If you want, users can also save a screenshot of a site in PDF form.

3. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is one of the recommended lightweight browsers, because this browser features a built-in download manager for downloading online videos and support for playing them without the help of third-party applications. Besides features related to browsing, Phoenix Browser also has other interesting features. One of them is Private Space which will store browsing history and downloaded videos in a separate database, so other users cannot see them.

4. Hermits

Hermit is a browser that allows users to create “lite apps” from sites that users visit frequently. This browser has even provided a myriad of ready-to-use “lite applications”, complete with pre-configured settings. Users can also customize each “lite app” according to user preferences, including changing themes, selecting modes (desktop or mobile) and blocking images. Just like Orions, Hermit also supports night mode and read mode.

5.Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a lightweight browser designed for devices with minimal specifications. This browser comes with Incognito Mode, a “smart download” feature, a night mode, the ability to change search engines, sync data between devices and much more. Opera Mini also has a Data Savings feature that allows users to have Extreme or High compression mode, in addition to seeing how much quota has been saved in one week. This browser is highly recommended.

6. Google Go

Designed for cellphones equipped with the Android Go operating system, Google Go is a browser that prioritizes speed and efficiency while still looking classy. With more than one billion downloads on the Play Store, Google Go is a competent browser with a number of interesting features. Several other Google services such as Translate and Lens have even been installed in this browser for quick access. Apart from that, there is also a feature to add a second language and change the background wallpaper.

7. Aloha Browser Lite

Aloha Browser Lite is a lightweight browser based on WebKit, which uses hardware acceleration to speed up the process of loading a site’s pages. This browser also provides a VPN, in addition to a built-in ad-blocker and protection against trackers. Not only that, there is also a media player feature to play videos that have been downloaded directly. Cool again, this browser also allows users to create a private folder to store videos, songs or pictures, and lock it with a password.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for some of the lightest browsers to use on Android. Any other lightweight browser recommendations? If there is, just write it in the comments column below!

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