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Canon Indonesia Releases 4 New PIXMA G Series Printers

Canon Indonesia Releases 4 New PIXMA G Series Printers – Canon Indonesia Releases 4 New PIXMA G Series Printers. When we hear Canon, there are probably two things that come to mind: “camera” and “printer”. True, Canon is one of the major figures in both industries.

On Thursday (15/12), Canon released a series of its products at St. Regis Jakarta, South Jakarta. Apart from the EOS R6 Mark II camera, Canon has also released new printers in the PIXMA G line, namely PIXMA Ink Efficient G4770, G3770, G2770 and G1737.

Similar features, but different

The four printers have massive print capabilities that are fast and of good quality, but are still friendly to the pocket. In addition, these four printers are designed in a minimalist manner to make it easier to use and maintain.

One of the main features offered by these four printers is easy ink filling and a large tank capacity. That way, Canon guarantees that these four printers are suitable for educational to business purposes without fear of running out of ink.

This latest Canon printer is equipped with Economy Mode, which is the efficiency of printing 8,100 pages of color documents and 7,600 pages of black and white. In addition, this printer is equipped with a quality print head so that it can produce text with a sharp black color.

In terms of print speed, the four printers can print at a speed of 11 images per minute (11 ipm) for black and white and 6 ipm for color printing. More than their predecessors, the four printers are guaranteed to be more productive and efficient. Come on, let’s get to know these four new Canon printers.

1. All-in-One PIXMA Ink Efficient G4770 and G3770

PIXMA G4770 can be relied upon to print, scan and copy, as well as fax. This printer has an Automatic Document Feeder feature to accommodate up to 20 sheets of documents. If you don’t need the Automatic Document Feeder or fax features, then the PIXMA G3770 can be the right alternative.

Both the G4770 and G3770 can be controlled wirelessly via Wi-Fi with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app on HP. That way, printing, copying, and scanning is easier from gadgets. In addition, printer status up to ink level is connected to the cloud platform for more flexible control.

For other settings, it can be accessed through the menu on the 1.3-inch LCD screen in front of the printer body. G3770 comes in three color options: red, white and black, making it perfect for enhancing the interior appearance of your home or work space.

True, apart from being at home or at work, Wi-Fi support makes both the G4770 and G3770 suitable for placement in companies. With Wi-Fi, both printers can meet the needs of multi-users simultaneously without having to be connected via USB.

2. All-in-One PIXMA Ink Efficient G2770

In the next line, Canon also released the PIXMA G2770. This option is intended for those who work in a minimalist manner, where the laptop/PC and printer are placed in the same place.

Even though Wi-Fi is not supported, the G2770 can still print, scan and copy reliably. Because it is placed on the same workstation, the printer can be connected via USB. With a 1.2-inch LCD screen, users can control the printer according to their needs.

3. PIXMA Ink Efficient G1737

Most recently, the PIXMA G1737 is a printer that performs the function that its name implies: printing. In other words, Canon provides the G1737 option for those who don’t need copy, scan, and fax features or a Wi-Fi connection.

Interestingly, G1737 printouts can be created with the Easy-Photo Print Editor application. Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, this app provides ready-to-use templates, photo layout settings, and the ability to print postcards, collages, calendars, and business cards in minutes.

On Windows, Easy-Layout Editor software supports content editing and layout for documents, web pages, and other file types. In addition, there is also a Collation Print feature to combine multiple files with different formats before sending them as 1 document for printing.

Furthermore, for those who want to make promotional posters and flyers, PosterArtist can be accessed via the web anywhere. Flexible and easy to use, PosterArtist provides designs, images, places, fonts, and icons to work with your creativity.

Prices for Canon’s latest 4 PIXMA G series printers

Those are the advantages of the four PIXMA G series printers produced by Canon. Coming from January 2023, the four printers are priced at:

  • PIXMA Ink Efficient G4770: IDR 4,380,000
  • PIXMA Ink Efficient G3770: IDR 3,190,000
  • PIXMA Ink Efficient G2770: IDR 2,530,000
  • PIXMA Ink Efficient G1737: IDR 1,950,000

Then, what if the ink runs out? Canon provides bottled ink for these four printers at the following prices:

  • GI71 Pigment Black: IDR 138,000
  • GI71 Cyan: IDR 117,000
  • GI71 Magenta: IDR 117,000
  • GI71 Yellow: IDR 117,000

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