Excellent and Charming Girls Bedroom Ideas

Excellent and Charming Girls Bedroom Ideas

Tutorialonline.my.id – There are tons of girls bedroom ideas that have their own characteristic and make room livelier than before. Choosing the right one might not be easy task because decoration is not merely put everything in wherever you like and has certain unwritten rule. Room space and girl age play the most important aspects which determine furniture, theme, material, etc. When her age turns to seventeen, there is dramatic changing on taste and preference. If you are her parents, this thing has to be concerned and very crucial in her development for future. Furthermore, ideas for bedroom should enrich her life and personality that make more meaningful room for sleeping.

First idea is color application because it is basic principle in room decoration. Light green and blue are one of favoritecolors for bedroom. Green represents tree, leaf, or natural thing, which has ulterior meaning for human being, especially girl. As part of girls bedroom ideas, color influence overall bedroom performance.  You can combine light green and red to get appearance like sweet apple or strawberry tree which most of girls love it because fruit and leaf are the exquisite concept. This design can be applied on bedroom to avoid fully pink color and make more comfortable. If she insists to use pink, green can be placed implicitly without she realizes it.

girls bedroom ideas

The universal theme in girls’ room is love and it is not boy to girl or similar thing like that. For girls bedroom ideas, love can be seen in furniture such as bed, wardrobe, bookshelves, table, and chairs. To emphasize this theme, wall and floor decorate with ornament and pattern that reveal feminine side. This concept will make bedroom beautiful and brings womanly atmosphere into her personality. After getting through hard day, girls go to bedroom to get rest and charge energy for next day. This is main reason why love theme is suitable for her situation. Painting or picture would be additional accessories to express their life with cheerful and joyful in room decoration.

The last theme is familiar with girls that will make bedroom unique and elegant. Fairy tale themeis the best to apply because girls have imagination like boy but in different view.You can change her room like queen chamber using customized bed frame and curtain. Color combination is important in this theme to producedesign that is more meaningful. Another concept is princess like design that comes from adjusted furniture. Beside queen or princess thing, fairy tale in girls bedroom ideas might relate to something majestic and beautiful.

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