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How to Make Viral AI Avatar Images on Instagram

How to Make Viral AI Avatar Images on Instagram – How to Make Viral AI Avatar Images on Instagram. Check your Instagram, has anyone made a self-portrait with an AI avatar image? The Instagram timeline is suddenly bustling with this beautiful illustration. Even many artists who follow. Call it Dian Sastrowardoyo, Luna Maya, to the cute Gempita Nora Marten.

This trend was not created by illustrators manually, but instead made use of applications with artificial intelligence. You can also try how to make your own version of an AI avatar image. Follow the step by step below, OK!

How to make an AI avatar using the Lens App

Technological sophistication has again made the social media world crowded. The illustrations created using an app called Lens App are similar to filters. This application works based on certain photos that you choose, then changes the appearance to be a stunning goddess style.

This photo editor made by Prisma Labs has succeeded in displaying beautiful illustrations. To be able to have fun creating your version of the AI avatar, you need to make a payment first. The stages can be done at the beginning or in the middle of the editing process. Here’s how.

1. Download and install the Lens App app

Go to the official app store on your phone, then search for ‘Lens AI: Photo & Video Editor’ on the iOS App Store or ‘Lens: Avatar Maker, Editor’ on the Google Play Store. Click ‘Install’ to start the installation.

Make sure the application you download from the developer Prisma Labs, inc. for illustrations similar to those of the artists above, yes. Wait until it’s finished, if you’ve already opened the application as usual.

2. Follow the initial guide

If this is the first time opening the application, then your screen will automatically display the opening page. Tick ‘i agree to blah blah’ and click ‘Next’ about five times, then select ‘Get Started’ to start.

You will also be shown a subscription alias page for premium features in the application. Click the cross in the upper left corner to skip or click ‘Subscribe now’ if you want to subscribe immediately.

3. Click ‘Magic Avatars’

As soon as the opening page is complete, you will immediately be directed to the main page. So, here, all you have to do is click on the ‘Magic Avatars’ menu at the bottom of the screen. Click ‘Try Now’ to start.

If you use it for the first time, the legal age requirement will appear again. Check ‘I have reached to the age of majority’ and click ‘Continue’.

4. Upload and select an image

After the tutorial is finished, you can immediately upload a photo to create an AI avatar image version. Based on the tutorial, it is necessary to upload 10-20 photos that you want to change. You do this by tapping ‘Select 10-20 selfies’ at the bottom of the screen.

Select all the photos you want to make into AI avatar versions. Make sure the facial image is clear, OK? The application will automatically display an ineligible photo caption when added.

5. Select gender and payment

Next, you will be asked to fill in your gender. There are options for men, women and others. Choose what you want, OK? As soon as you continue, a payment window will appear to enjoy this feature.

Adjust to the needs of use, yes. The fees offered range from IDR 65 thousand to IDR 129 thousand per month. For that fee, you can access all the filters in the edit window, creating 50-200 unique avatars with 10 different styles. This stage will not be displayed if you have made an initial payment.

6. Generate and be

After purchasing is successful, you can immediately generate the uploaded photos and turn them into AI avatars. How to make this AI image is very simple, without high-level editing skills.

Once finished, the illustrated images can be downloaded immediately. If you want to upload it to Instagram or use it as a profile photo for other social media, it’s also really good, you know!

Features of the free Lens App

Basically, the Lens App is a photo editing application. Apart from creating AI avatar images, this app can also be used to retouch self-portraits and add filters. Most of its features can be accessed for free, you know!

To access the editor version, you can open the application as usual. Then, tap the ‘+’ sign at the top left to add an image. Click ‘Upload’ and ‘Select’ the image to enter the editing window.

In the editing window, a settings adjustment button is available. This includes blurring the background, face retouching, and adjusting the shape of the face area. At the bottom there are also settings for changing the brightness and shadow of the photo, as well as changing the hair color. Very complete!

You can choose according to your needs, yes. Preview edits will be immediately displayed on the screen. Brain-tweak as you like, deh. Or, you can click ‘Magic Retouch’ to maximize photos automatically.

How to make an AI avatar image cannot be accessed with the free version. However, the fees charged can be worth it for those of you who don’t want to be left behind by current trends.

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