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How to Use the AI Manga Filter on TikTok and Change Your Face to Anime

How to Use the AI Manga Filter on TikTok and Change Your Face to Anime – How to Use the AI Manga Filter on TikTok and Change Your Face to Anime. Speaking of filters, it’s definitely endless. Almost every time new creations emerge that are unique and fun to try. Well, most recently there is a filter to change faces into anime on the platform that is loved by a million people, TikTok.

No need to download other applications, here’s how to use the AI Manga filter on the popular TikTok. Just once can make your content enter FYP and trend on other social media.

How to use the AI Manga filter on TikTok to turn faces into anime

It’s no secret that TikTok content is always an interesting conversation nowadays. The existence of filters also adds to the excitement when creating video creations. More popular, there is a TikTok anime filter that can change faces into Japanese-style characters.

Now, what makes it even funnier, this filter sometimes mistakenly converts someone’s face in a photo into another object. In the Duke of Dolken’s upload, for example. His photo with Enzy Storia actually turned into a prince on a horse. Yes, Enzy even became a horse.

So, are you curious about what kind of anime your photos turn into? Immediately try how to change your face to anime on the following TikTok.

1. Open the app and create a new video

Launch right away, open the TikTok application to start making your version of anime with the sophistication of artificial intelligence. Make sure cellular data or WiFi is on and the internet network is stable, OK? So that all the new filters can be loaded on your TikTok application.

After opening the application and logging in using a registered account, create a new video. You do this by clicking the plus ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the middle of the page. Just like when you want to upload a new post.

2. Go to ‘Effect’ > click the magnifying glass

After the create content window opens, you can immediately click the ‘Effect’ menu. It’s on the icon to the left of the record button. After that, a selection of various interesting filters that are currently busy on TikTok will appear.

There are times when the AI manga filter immediately appears in the trending section. However, if it’s not there, you can click the magnifying glass on the left of the trending to open the effects search menu.

3. Find and click the AI Manga filter

In the search field at the top, immediately type in the filter keyword, namely ‘AI Manga’. Various filters will appear with similar keywords. Select the filter option that has the logo of two women saying ‘AI’ in yellow.

If it has been clicked, then the filter is automatically installed on the screen to create content. You can check it with the background music which automatically plays when the filter is successfully selected.

4. Take the best selfie

Instead of directly clicking the record button, you need to take a picture first to process the photo into an anime. To do this, simply tap the screen while posing, then a loading symbol will appear that converts the photo.

Once loading is complete, your photo will turn into an anime character according to the pose, dress color, background, and other factors from the screenshot. If you think it’s not appropriate, you can click the cross in the left corner, then take a photo.

5. Record and upload

If you’re done and feel the results are suitable, you can click the red circle to record. Later, the entire process from selfie to anime can be uploaded and downloaded as desired.

After the record is complete and click next, you can add text or other additional if necessary. Next, adjust the caption and other upload conditions. After uploading, check your profile and your video has turned into an anime. How, it’s easy, right, how to use the filter to change faces into anime on this TikTok?

How to use the AI Manga filter on TikTok is exactly the same as other filters, really. Interestingly, because it’s AI-based, the results will change even if you take a photo with the same pose. Well, congrats on finding your version of the best angle and anime!

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