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The 5 most popular Android games of their time and which ones have you played

The 5 most popular Android games of their time and which ones have you played – The 5 most popular Android games of their time and which ones have you played. Games are one of the lures offered by Android smartphones when they first appeared. Having a large selection of games with better graphic quality, of course this has made many Java HP users switch to Android.

On the other hand, game developer competition is also getting tougher. They are competing to make games in order to hook many players. Competition continues to heat up and the popularity of games continues to shift one after another.

Think back five or seven years, do you still remember these five Android games?

1. Angry Birds

The first Angry Bird series was released in 2013. Following the popularity of the Angry Bird animation which was often played on ANTV TV stations, the Angry Bird game was also very popular at that time.

How to play is very simple and easy to understand. First, you just need to pull the catapult. Finally, aim the shot at the building you want to destroy.

Angry Bird has lots of missions with various kinds of increasingly difficult challenges. Although simple, this game requires intelligence, you know!

2. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was also victorious in its time. Although it is still widely played today, this game is not as popular as it used to be.

Clash of Clans was first released in 2013. At that time, this strategy genre game was even often traded at fantastic prices.

Building a city or the strongest fortress with resources, combat equipment, soldiers and many other items is the main goal of this game. If not, your city or fortress can easily be destroyed by other players. This game not only requires strategy, but also patience.

3. Clash Royale

Still from the same developer, Clash of Royale and Clash of Clans are made by Supercell. These two titles have similarities in terms of character and hero strength. Even so, the way the gameplay is very different.

Clash of Royale is the answer for those players who can’t wait for the upgrade time in Clash of Clans. The game, which was first released in 2016, immediately attracted most of the old Clash of Clans players. How not, you can immediately play without any restrictions or waiting time.

Gameplay in Clash Royale is very simple. Even so, this game still requires a strategy that is not tinny. First, choose a deck of eight cards. Then, destroy your opponent’s fortress in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 games. Have you tried it?

4. Pokémon Go

Lately, Pokemon Go has started to be discussed a lot because it provides an Indonesian language option in its newest upgrade. Even so, this game has not been able to repeat its popularity like in the early years of its emergence. At that time, Pokemon Go was not only popular in Indonesia, but also the world community.

How to play Pokemon Go? It’s quite difficult to explain in detail. In short, you are given a mission to add as many Pokemon as you can by following the map that appears on your smartphone. Furthermore, you can fight with other players and level up your character.

5. Super Mario Games

The last game is Super Mario. In fact, before the appearance of Android, this game was widely played on game consoles or Java cellphones. Super Mario has now evolved a lot, such as having quite a number of versions, better graphic quality, realistic sound effects, and more straightforward animations.

How to play the game Super Mario is very easy. Fight your way through obstacles and kill monsters to save Princess Toadstool at the end of the obstacle course. This game is very suitable to be played when you are relaxed because it doesn’t drain your mind.

The five Android games above are still available on the Play Store. You can download it directly if you are interested in playing it. Of the games that require strategy, online games, and offline games above, which ones have you played?

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