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The 7 Best Christmas Games on Android

The 7 Best Christmas Games on Android – The 7 Best Christmas Games on Android. Christmas is coming soon. Christmas moment is the right time to get together and mingle with family. To make the Christmas atmosphere more festive, you can play games with Christmas nuances on your gadget.

Want to know, what games are recommended to be played at Christmas? And here IDN Times summarizes some of the best Christmas games on Android and the most downloaded ones! Check out the full review below!

1.Farm Snow

Unlike other farming games, in this Snow Farm game what we grow is not plants, but things like wool, paper and chocolate!

Then, the produce goes to the Chocolate Factory to make hot chocolate and ice cream or the Winter Clothes Factory to make gloves, scarves and hats.

In this game, you can also meet your favorite characters, such as Rudolph, Snowman, Christmas Fairies, Penguin and Santa. Apart from that, you also have to manage the Christmas factories to work properly.

Due to the excitement of this game, Farm Snow has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Playstore. Want to try?

2. Christmas Crush Holiday Swapper

Do you like playing match 3 games? Then Christmas Crush Holiday Swapper is the right choice! In this game made by Happy Planet Games, you have to combine Christmas baubles in the same 3 rows in order to unlock the next level. Sounds pretty easy and simple, right?

In total, there are 1000 levels that can be played in this game. This is the right game to kill boredom while making the Christmas atmosphere even more lively.

Christmas Crush Holiday Swapper, which was released on November 29, 2014, managed to get 500 thousand downloads on the Google Playstore.

3. Christmas Animal Hair Salon 2

The joy of Christmas is not only felt by humans, but also by animals. That idea is the basis for a game called Christmas Animal Hair Salon 2.

You can dress up Santa and cute animals like Rudolf the reindeer, Pepper the Pomeranian puppy, Chloe the baby bear and Rachel the giraffe.

You can become a great stylist by dressing your hair, fur and giving you cute clothes to wear. Interestingly, you can dress up Santa by shaving, straightening or styling his beard.

You can also make delicious cookies and ice cream as a distraction if you get bored playing dress-up games.

4. Christmas Santa Rush Gift Delivery

Want to cosplay as Santa? Just try playing Christmas Santa Rush Gift Delivery! This is a simulator type game and your job is to deliver Christmas gifts to everyone.

However, driving a Christmas sleigh pulled by reindeer is no easy feat. Learn how to drive properly so as not to create a mess.

This game has a realistic 3-dimensional graphic display. In addition, there are road tracks of varying difficulty to test your driving skills. This game does not require an internet signal so it can be played offline.

Not surprisingly, this game is quite popular and has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Playstore.

5.Christmas Candy World

One more match 3 maker type game that is no less exciting to play, namely Christmas Candy World. You only need to match three of the same objects to play this game.

What makes mouthwatering, the object that is matched is sweet food such as cupcakes, donuts, candy, pastries or ice cream.

Even so, this game has fewer levels than Christmas Crush Holiday Swapper, namely there are only 500 levels. FYI, you can get boosters to win faster by playing spin the wheels. Play this game to make your Christmas atmosphere even more cheerful and lively!

6. Santa Christmas Escape Mission

Want a slightly quirky Christmas game? Try playing Santa Christmas Escape Mission! In this game, you play as a Santa who has to fight the grinch, an evil green monster who will steal Christmas gifts. In fact, the grinch would burn shops, kidnap children and lock them in factories.

These grinchs aim to prevent children from celebrating the joys of Christmas. The mission that must be done is Santa must free the children from the factory, clean up all the mess, fight the grinch and hit him with candy sticks. Because of its fun, this game has reached more than 1 million downloads on Google Playstore.

7. Running with Santa

The last game you can play is Running with Santa. This is the right choice if you are looking for an arcade game or a fun running game to play. You will play the role of Santa who runs to collect Christmas gifts that are scattered. This is done so that all children around the world get their gifts.

It’s not that easy, while running, Santa will face various obstacles and hurdles. To make the game easier to win, use powerups! This powerup takes the form of a jetpack to make Santa run like the wind and a magnet to attract all the presents. Very exciting, right? Let’s play right away!

So, those are the 7 most played Christmas games that can liven up your Christmas atmosphere this year. Which game are you interested in?

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