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These 10 Game Characters Are Very Strong and Almost Impossible to Beat

These 10 Game Characters Are Very Strong and Almost Impossible to Beat – These 10 Game Characters Are Very Strong and Almost Impossible to Beat. Until 2020, lots of games have been released on various game platforms, starting from PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. In fact, in each game there are always very strong characters, maybe even overpowered. Each character who becomes the leader also has their own skills, such as doing magic, having very strong energy, or being able to master various weapons.

With the presence of super strong characters in each game, a debate has begun to emerge among gamers about which character is actually the strongest. For that, find the answer here. Here are the 10 strongest game characters ever according to their rankings!

10. Alucard (Castlevania Series)

This game does have several series because Castlevania was actually launched for the first time since 1986 by Konami. Quoting The Gamer, the strongest character ever in the various Castlevania series is Alucard. Investigate a calibaration, Alucard is not an ordinary human, he is a mixture of vampires and humans.

Therefore, there are quite a lot of out-of-bounds things that this character can do. Alucard is a great swordsman and has extraordinary strength and speed. As a result, many gamers think that Alucard is impossible to beat.

Another impressive thing about Alucard is how he is able to use dark magic. Moreover, Alucard also has the ability to change his shape to be like Dracula. What’s the difference between this Alucard and Alucard in Mobile Legends?

9. Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat Series)

Not only is he physically imposing, Shao Kahn also has all the trimmings to be a beast. All of that is enough to make you scared when you have to face him in Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn is truly a formidable conqueror, he has unlimited physical and magical skills.

Shao Kahn also has a variety of moves, from absolute strength to extraordinary magical abilities. That means, Shao Kahn can face almost all fighters in Mortal Kombat in various ways.

8. Ludger (Tales of Series)

Ludger has very capable fighting abilities. He is proficient in using a sword as well as a gun at the same time. Actually what’s most impressive about Ludger is his chromatus ability. When Ludger uses it in battle, he will receive a significant boost to his strength and endurance.

Uniquely, Ludger has the ability to send enemies to a different dimension. Who’s not afraid when they meet Ludger, then suddenly he’s not on the battlefield anymore!

7. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

Kefka Palazzo is probably the most terrifying villain in Final Fantasy history because of his powers. As his strength grows, Kefka will be unmatched again. You definitely don’t want to meet this character, I’m sure.

Eits, don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s okay for Kefka to look like that, but never underestimate his abilities.

If he wanted, Kefka could have destroyed the city and defeated many espers at once. What’s more, Kefka can also create a private army, although we all know he doesn’t need one. Alone is already very good.

6. Arceus (Pokémon Series)

Indeed, there are lots of Pokemon in this game, but among them all, Arceus is the strongest. Arceus is perhaps the Pokemon most responsible for creating the universe, his abilities are truly beyond measure. It seems that the developers of Pokemon should immediately admit it.

5. Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

Asura is a full-fledged berserker who can mess things up. If Alucard is a half-vampire human, then Asura is a half-god human. Therefore, don’t be surprised if Asura can issue unusual powers.

Asura’s superiority lies in its strength, endurance, and speed. If other game characters need strategy before fighting, Asura is completely different. He didn’t need a strategy to beat his opponent, he just had the strength of his demigod.

4. Nyx (Persona Series)

Nyx is still one of the scariest villains in the Persona games. Not without reason, many believe that Nyx is actually not in the real world. If it’s like that, don’t be surprised if Nyx can’t be defeated. He is the personification of death.

3. Kratos (God of War Series)

Launching The Top Tens, Kratos is not only the strongest in God of War, but also outside of the game. He had fought against all kinds of powerful Gods and kept winning over them. Not only winning the fight, Kratos can actually destroy it.

Anyway, don’t ever mess with Kratos. Kratos is a picture of a man without feelings who would have the heart to trample you to death.

2. Giygas (Mother Series)

Giygas is a being who exists only to obliterate reality and send him into infinite darkness. Whoever did that must have very strong strength. Actually no one knows what kind of Giygas it is. However, they also apparently did not want to know.

Giygas poses a major threat to anyone who takes him on. It has an army of war machines backing it up and can even manipulate humans. It caused everything around him to go into chaos, which then led to complete hysteria.

1. Deathwing (World of Warcraft)

Deathwing becomes a giant character that can fight almost all types of enemies. Deathwing has a very large body, strong, and too tough to be defeated. This powerful dragon is one of the most powerful creatures you will see in World of Warcraft (WoW).

In addition to its large size, Deathwing has the advantage of being armored to aid it in all combat situations. Don’t be surprised if he ranks 1st in the strongest game character in the world.

So, those are some really strong game characters based on the order. If everyone is pitted in one game, who do you think will win? Leave your comments!

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