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Understanding What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Examples

Understanding What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Examples – Understanding What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Examples. Have you ever used Google Assistant or Siri? The sophistication presented by Google Assistant and Siri is a form of technology called Artificial Intelligence, aka AI.

However, what is AI? As technology develops, AI systems are implemented in various life support needs. Know some interesting facts that are okay to dig deeper into. Check out the following reviews, come on!

What is AI?

There are various answers to the question of understanding what AI is. John McCarthy in a 2004 paper stated that artificial intelligence is the science and technique of making machines, especially intelligent computer programs.

In practice, the technology allows computers to understand human intelligence. However, AI does not have to limit it to biologically observable methods, reports the IBM Cloud Learn Hub.

In the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, they set out the potential as a definition of AI, namely:

  • Human approach: systems that think and act like humans
  • The ideal approach: a system that thinks rationally and acts rationally.

The evolution of artificial intelligence development began in 1950, when Alan Turing published Computing Machinery and Intelligence. Turing proposed to answer the question “Can machines think?”. He also introduced the Turing test to determine whether computers can show the same intelligence results as humans.

Innovation continued when John McCarthy coined the term ‘artificial intelligence’ at the first ever AI conference at Dartmouth College. After that, various programming languages and technology combinations emerged that were used to realize the ‘ideal AI’.

Although artificial intelligence is still very far from human intelligence, this technology option has been widely applied. In its development, AI has been able to help simplify everyday life.

Forms of utilization of artificial intelligence

There are various forms of utilization of artificial intelligence. Reported by Simple Learn, various applications of AI are known to have a positive impact on life. For example, on an online buying and selling platform, AI can show goods according to user needs, virtual shopping assistants, to fraud prevention.

On top of that, there are even AI-based animals. Analytics Insight reveals that AI pets are robots that can feel and act like pets. These AI pets don’t need to bother cleaning, feeding, or bathing them. Suitable for you who want to have a pet but don’t want to be complicated.

In terms of education, AI is widely implemented as software for administrative tasks, voice assistants, or creating fun learning content. You can find various uses of artificial intelligence such as bots to answer questions, right?

AI cannot be separated from everyday life. For example, when using the AI Manga TikTok filter, opening the lock screen with Face ID, the recommendation system on YouTube, to vehicles that automatically drive themselves. All use artificial intelligence base.

The development of artificial intelligence continues to be developed. In the future, it may no longer be humans serving in restaurants, but full of robots that can speak and understand what you mean. Cool or just terrible?

Interesting artificial intelligence facts

Apart from the description above, there are various other interesting things in AI. The following are facts and other forms of AI that are now being developed by several technology companies.

1. Artificial intelligence can recognize emotions

Artificial intelligence can detect a person’s emotions based on the data collected by the system. The data captured is in the form of facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, and so on.

Then, the data is analyzed to determine what emotions are being felt by humans. Actually, the majority of you must be familiar with this AI feature. This is because many filters have been implemented, such as on the TikTok filter, also on Instagram.

2. AI replaceable human workforce

Given that artificial intelligence continues to develop and imitate humans, this sophistication is used by businesses to reduce production costs. Many industry players are starting to replace human labor to do work only with robots.

Many factory machine automation efforts, for example, have used this artificial intelligence technology. Forbes even mentions the potential for lost jobs to be replaced by robots. An advantage or a threat?

3. AI is able to recognize voices

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is able to recognize voices. This artificial intelligence will detect sound and then analyze it.

Not only that, the captured human voice will be understood about what the captured voice means. Examples that we have often encountered are the Google Assistant and Siri features.

4. AI can talk

Artificial intelligence can also speak by responding to questions and giving directions. In fact, AI can also schedule meetings, you know!

Google Maps is a platform that uses AI to speak and sound to provide directions. The existence of this feature certainly makes it easier for you to find an address without the need to ask the locals again, right?

Is the continued development of AI sophistication a sign of civilization and human progress? Or, is it actually a setback because human life is increasingly being taken over by robots?

Of course there are still many possibilities that will occur in the future. Hopefully what is AI does not necessarily become a threat to human existence, okay!

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